Supporting Our Troops, Rove Style

So we learned yesterday that His Rovishness is pretty good at getting others to do his dirty work for him. He got Scott Jennings, one of his aides, to to complain that Rove's political cronies "are getting killed out there" over New Mexico US Attorney David Iglesias's "lack of action on voter fraud stuff."

Never mind that the "voter fraud stuff" wouldn't have stood up to a casual look at the evidence, much less a grand jury's questions, according to Mr. Iglesias himself.

The Bush Administration, in statements for the record, had said the Iglesias was dismissed for subpar performance and absences from the office. None of those issues were discussed in the email trails uncovered by the House Judiciary Committee. All the discussions centered around bogus indictments for voter fraud issues against Democrats who would face off against Republicans, particularly Senator Pete V. Domenici.

The kicker: Those "absences from the office". Iglesias was a Navy Reservist, fighting Bush's War in Iraq.

Support our troops, indeed.

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