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And it wasn't even close: Jon Stewart cleared Brian Williams by a double digit margin. I can't imagine why regular Americans would be fed up with the mainstream media. Let's ask MSNBC and Newsweek contributor Howard Fineman what he thought of last night's Obama press conference, maybe that will help clear things up.

His prime time press conference was worse than a waste of time. He spent an hour (with the aide of a soporific White House press corps) pouring sand (one grain at a time) into the already-slowing gears of the machinery of health-care reform...[t]he president — who seemed tired and distracted and clearly in need of a vacation (dealing with health care will do that to you) — pretty much just stood there for an hour, filibustering his way through non-answers and recycling old patches of rhetoric.
Oh yes, that's why. I can't tell you how sorry I am that the presser was not entertaining enough for Fineman - who as a reporter is supposed to sift through the "boring stuff". Next time maybe Obama will invite Britney Spears to stand next to him at the podium and just twirl her boobies around while he answers questions. Maybe that will hold his interest.

So the next time someone ridicules Jon Stewart as being just a comedian, ask them what they're getting from their favorite media member. Probably something less substantive, and pretty un-funny too.


grif said...

What amazes me is that the MSM outlets don't get it. They think it's all about the comedy and try to prop up comedy shows on their networks (Dennis Miller, D.L. Hughly). What they don't get is that Stewart not only lays it out in a funny way, but he also gives you the information and he will cry BS when needed. That and he will ask his guests the tough questions instead of rolling over.

jk said...

He was pretty easy on Barney Frank in the broadcast version. Barney Frank should have been grilled as tough as he did Cramer.

I didn't watch the full interview on the website yet, so maybe he was tougher there.