In which I get mad at Obama

Why am I upset with our president? You can't see it clearly from the picture, but the lightness of Obama's beer is owed to it being a BUD LIGHT!!
Not only should that slightly spiked water never be consumed anywhere other than a baseball game, it's not even produced by an American beer company anymore! Of the four members of the roundtable, only Henry Louis Gates drank an American beer (though, in fairness to Biden - who drank a Buckler NA - there aren't many quality American non-alcoholic beers out there).
Seems to me, if you're going to hold something like this, you ought to at least enact an American beer only policy. Bad call.
(by the way, when I get my beer night at the White House, just stock up on some Stone Self Righteous Double IPA - had that at the last DL, excellent stuff)
Deep Thought Update: Clearly this is proof that Obama is not an American citizen. I expect to see the birth certificate any day now.

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