First gays and feminists caused 9/11 and Katrina, and now they're going to finish the job:

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jk said...

The grandeur that was Greece didn't end because of homosexuality. Acceptance--and celebration--of homosexuality was part of my ancestors culture long before they destroyed Troy and long after they successfully defended themselves against Darius of Persia.

Read your Thucydides, Herodotus, and Tuchman, Reverend Robertson. It was imperial overstretching that dimmed Greece's grandeur.

Sound familiar, you ignorant fundamentalist twit?

PS: When my ancestors were building the Parthenon, measuring the circumference of the earth, calculating the value of pi after INVENTING IT and deducing the existence of atoms while having a grand old gay time, yours were living in mud huts, counting on their fingers and toes, and worshipping trees. They were ignorant fundamentalist twits, too. Some things never change, do they?