Silly Jean

What a weird district OH-02 is:
4. OH-02: Oh Schmidt!

Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, you can always count on Rep. Jean Schmidt (R) inexplicably finding herself in a tough re-election battle. Her CD gave McCain 59% in '08 -- this is not a swing district. Yet a new poll out from '08 Indie nominee/businessman David Krikorian's (D) camp shows her in serious trouble, registering just a 44-39% lead over Krikorian. Her support in this poll almost matches the support she received in the '08 election (45%).


Interestingly, Schmidt owes her '08 victory -- in part -- to Krikorian. He took a whopping 18% as a third-party candidate, depriving '06/'08 nominee Vic Wulsin (D) of the anti-Schmidt vote she needed to win. One of these cycles, Schmidt won't be so lucky to get that help. Will this be the one?
Please let it be. Please let it be. Please let it be.

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