One from the Son o' God's Practical Joke Book

WKRC's Liz Bonis has pulled quite the boner.  She reports the "miracle cure"  that "medical science can't explain" of a woman who had ovarian cancer.

Look at what actually happened: during surgery, they did a biopsy to test for cancer.  The biopsy came back positive. 

What is the false-positive rate for this test? It's likely she never had cancer in the first place, people.  Doctors are notoriously bad at assessing Dr. Leonard Mlodinow's book, The Drunkard's Walk, for a great story about when he tested positive for AIDS and how his doctor reacted.  (SPOILER ALERT: Dr. Mlodinow did not have AIDS.)

Did she ever stop to think that her god just played a nasty practical joke on her by giving her a false positive result?

Shame on Liz Bonis, her editors, and Channel 12 for publishing this credulous, fatuous story.

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