Touching Down

Andrew Neil tells us that Obama has, David-Bowie-like, fallen to earth with the G20 Summit.  I wonder if that means Obama's going to put a ping pong room with really sweet wallpaper in the White House?

Seriously, though, Mr. Neil has an interesting take on the events, but I'd like to recommend that everyone commenting on his post take a big breath, step back and read Helene Cooper's  New York Times News Analysis piece.  It's pretty balanced, making the point that Obama didn't get what he expected, but made a good first start.  Most people compared this to the summit in 1933, and in 2009 we avoided the protectionist disaster that befell us after 1933.  Only time will tell if we created a stimulative disaster by not adding more stimulus.

And the "Michelle touches the Queen" incident?  The Queen touched Michelle first, when they were comparing shoes. 

C'mon, folks, there's a real crisis going on.  Let's focus.

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