The DL beer challenge

Here's a fun little early week post (it's DL's version of one of those Facebook quizzes - we'll call it "what kind of alcoholic are you").

The Brewers Association released its list of the top 50 craft brewing companies. Since the mega breweries are, for the most part, owned by groups that contribute far more to republicans than Democrats, it's much better for the liberal cause to drink craft products.

Going through the list, I'm counting 30 different breweries that I've drank a beer from. Post your count in the comments - no prize for the winner, but you can brag about your prowess while nursing your deteriorated liver.

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grassroots said...

Although I have had my share of "craft" beers. I have only had 11 of these 50 breweries. (I'm not sure why Greenman didn't make the list.)

It give me another 50 by 50 goal.