DLD1 7:30PM Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at Fries Cafe

Well unfortunately none of us work for AIG, so we won't be receiving bonuses large enough to buy everyone a drink. But, nevertheless, we'll still be getting together tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 17th) at Fries Cafe on 3247 Jefferson Avenue in Clifton.

We'll be getting there at 7:30, and staying till the last of us leave. Since Fries does not serve food, we'll be ordering in from Cactus Pear, which has some great Mexican food. If you're interested in ordering, come to Fries by 7:45, and we'll order from there.

Not feeling in the mood to talk about much? Sure you are. Here's some topics to get you going:

So come on out with us tomorrow night!



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