DLD1, 7:30PM, Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at Fries

Wow, is it really March already? It sure doesn't feel like it outside, but we're into the third month of the year, and 16 days from the start of March Madness. I would say that it's March Madness for the republicans, but that wouldn't distinguish it from 11 other varieties of madness for them (January Madness, February, etc.).

While Congress continues to kick around stimulus and bailout bills, and the right continues to kick around...each other...we should get together and enjoy our own beer & mixed drink stimulus package. So we'll be at Fries Cafe (on 3247 Jefferson Avenue in Clifton) tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 3rd) starting at 7:30.

Fries doesn't carry food, but we'll be ordering in pizza from Adriatico's tomorrow. If you're interested in getting in on the pizza, come over to Fries by 7:45 and we'll order from there - usual share is about $5-10 per person, depending on the number of people.

Worried that there's not much to talk about this week? Here's a few ideas to get you started:

A drug bust in Florida might just make it a little harder for the de facto republican leader to get by.

Americans can do anything, except sound like an intelligent human, or tell a true story.

Vegas hasn't set the line on which senator was involved with a male escort, but we have our guesses.

The Rick Santelli rant might not have been as spontaneous as it initially appeared.

Hope to see everyone at Fries Cafe tomorrow night!

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