Now taking bets

Another hooker scandal, and this time it's a male escort named Justin Hensley. While testifying at the murder trial of a movie producer:
[Hensley] said among escort clients were a U.S. senator, government contractors with the U.S. military and physicians.
So who do you think is the mystery senator?


Zack Morris said...

Kenneth the Pa...I mean...ummm...maybe a "confirmed bachelor"?

CUF busters said...

if the senator is a republican you libs will be all over it. Id it's a democrat, sweep it under the rug.

jk said...

Well, aside from the fact that "we libs" know how to type and punctuate--though maybe "republicans" should be lower-case; they're headed in that direction--can you cite a single case where a Democratic sex scandal was "swept under the rug" in the last 40 years?

Even Barney Frank took his shots for taking his shots with a Congressional page. And I seem to remember little something about a guy named Clinton a few years back.

But the Clinton comparison doesn't hold water in this case. He was not in denial about his sexuality due to his ideology, as many Republican elected officials seem to be.