If God wanted you to win, why didn't he get you more votes?

Looks like former Minnesota republican senator (and current delusionist) Norm Coleman has officially topped himself with another mind-numbingly stupid quote.

Coleman said he starts every day with a prayer and that he knows “God wants me to serve.”

I don't know, you'd think that God could have made it a bit more clear by now if he really wanted Coleman to win.

When I hear this, it reminds me of Wyatt Sexton, a backup QB at Florida State University a few years ago, who got extremely lit up and then ran through the Tallahassee streets claiming he was "God" and "the son of God" (which are pretty much the same thing in Christianity). And all anyone could say was, "don't you think that if he was God, he could have beaten out Chris Rix or Xavier Lee for the starting QB role?"

And yet, here God just can't seem to overcome Stuart Smalley. What a sad day it is for Norm Coleman when he can't even get that kind of help from the almighty.

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