Profile in two-facedness: Joe Lieberturd

Our favorite "independent democrat" excels at talking out of both sides of his mouth. But that's not all! He can talk out of his ass at the same time too. Take his latest on Afghanistan:
WASHINGTON (CNN) — Months after slamming then-presidential candidate Barack Obama's world view as "naive," Sen. Joe Lieberman reversed course in a critical foreign policy arena Thursday, praising the new administration's approach in Afghanistan.
Yes, folks, it's the new Lieberman! All pro-Obama, all the time!
The former Democratic vice presidential nominee from Connecticut told an audience at the Brookings Institution he is optimistic the United States can turn the tide in the former Taliban stronghold in part because "President Obama has made very clear that this is a war he intends to win and he has moved swiftly to take command of it."
See, that is all it takes now to change Joe's mind about something. Just make it "very clear" to him that you want to do something and he is totally going to be on your side. Why Obama didn't make his intentions "very clear" earlier on remains a mystery to us all.
"My advice to anyone who is hedging their bets in South Asia: the combination of Dick Holbrooke and (General) Dave Petraeus, led by Hillary Clinton and (Defense Secretary) Bob Gates, is not a team I would bet against," Lieberman said.
Hey, Joe, I'll let you in on a little secret. You suck at making bets. You bet on the wrong horse. Now shut the fuck up.
He said that, in addition to a troop surge, U.S. policy in Afghanistan also needs a surge in the "strategic coherence of our war effort," as well as greater diplomatic outreach and cooperation from Afghans themselves.
Of course, Joe just realized this on January 20, 2009. Until then he was perfectly happy with the conduct of the war in Afghanistan. Now suddenly he's worried about "strategic coherence."

Joe Lieberman is not just two-faced, he is brazenly so. Man, I am so ready for 2012!

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mberenis said...
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A.B. said...

Joe may be a dick, but he's not stupid. I still think Obama reminds him every day of how he has him to thank for his committee chairmanship.