E-mails are mavericky

We finally found a newspaper that Sarah Palin reads: the Anchorage Daily News! And we know this, because she seems to have noticed that they were reporting on things she didn't like hearing about. Like the "my daughter married a high school dropout" thing, or the "his mom got arrested for drug possession" thing, or the "why will you not release your medical records so we can definitively say whether you are Trig's birth mother" thing.

This upset Mrs. Palin, so she wrote the paper to air her grievances. Editor Pat Dougherty responded with a lengthy explanation of how news works, and how she could have helped her own situation (it's really worth the read). But the gem is the e-mail that she sent the editors. Read through this, appreciate the wordsmithing...and then come to grips with the idea that 46% of the country was ok with letting her be one heartbeat from the presidency.

Subject: More "mistakes"?

Hello Mr. Doyle and Mr. Dougherty!

Please, say it aint so: did you really allow a story to run in your paper today claiming Levi Johnston is a high school drop out? Did I read that right?

And did you really print a story last week suggesting I had any connection with Sherry Johnston's activities in the past six months or so and you won't correct the story? Did I read that right?

And is your paper really still pursuing the sensational lie that I am not Trig's mother? Is it true you have a reporter still bothering my state office, my very busy doctor (who's already set the record straight for you), and the school district, in pursuit of your ridiculous conspiracy?

And, oh, I could go on...

Come on Mr. Doyle and Mr. Dougherty, I so desperately want to have even a tiny bit of faith in the ADN. You're stripping me of even a shred of faith in your reporting if any of the recent aforementioned strange and untrue reports were taken seriously by the ADN. Would you shed some light on what you're thinking regarding these false reports you've pursued and/or printed?

I'm beginning to think that Tina Fey had this one completely nailed back in October:

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