You stay classy, republican party

I find it very comforting to know that, after getting their butts whipped over the past two elections (in no small part because their appeal outside the base has greatly diminished), the republican party has reached people who think it's ok to use the word "negro" in satire.

Four days after news broke that the former Tennessee GOP chairman had sent a CD that included a song titled “Barack the Magic Negro” to the RNC members he is courting, some of those officials are rallying around the embattled [RNC chair candidate Chip] Saltsman, with a few questioning whether the national media and his opponents are piling on.

Alabama Republican committeeman Paul Reynolds said the fact the Saltsman sent him a CD with the song on it “didn’t bother me one bit.”

“Chip probably could have thought it through a bit more, but he was doing everyone a favor by giving us a gift,” he said. “This is just people looking for something to make an issue of.”

“I don’t think he intended it as any kind of racial slur. I think he intended it as a humor gift,” Oklahoma GOP committeewoman Carolyn McClarty added. “I think it was innocently done by Chip.”

And as for current RNC chair Mike Duncan and Michigan GOP chair Saul Anuzis, both of whom publicly rebuked Saltsman?

Not everyone is so sure, with some RNC members contending that Anuzis and Duncan may have actually hurt their candidacies with their responses.

“Those are two guys who just eliminated themselves from this race for jumping all over Chip on this,” one committee member told Politico. “Mike Duncan is a nice guy, but he screwed up big time by pandering to the national press on this.”

What the hell is wrong with these people?

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