Kentucky's Super-Friends

I like comic books and super heroes.  I get a kick out of watching Heroes every week.  I've re-watched much of Buffy and Angel.  I went to see Iron Man the day it came out, I think.

I own a copy of "The Amazing Spider-Man: Revelations", written by J. Michael Straczynski, where Spider-Man, while assisting at Ground Zero, has to answer to New Yorkers who ask him why he (and other superheroes) didn't prevent 9/11.

Now, I know Spider-Man is imaginary.  I don't demand you believe in him.

I believe God is imaginary, too.  A lot of folks don't believe God is imaginary.  Fine. But don't demand that I believe in him.

And, just as I don't demand that everyone appeal to Buffy to keep us safe from vampires, I ask that you don't demand that I ask God to keep me safe from terrorists.

Apparently, the government of Kentucky thinks otherwise.

If I were a resident of that great commonwealth, I'd ask those running its government to please keep their imaginary super-friends to themselves.

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