Finding reason in disorder

Via Balloon Juice, Ed Yong over at Science Blogs has posted a fascinating item about a study performed by two professors at the University of Texas. The study focused on the effect of feeling control over one's fate.

Generally, the finding was that, when people feel less in control of their lives, they tend to infer patterns from random events and assume cause-and-effect relationships where none truly exists. By doing this, people gain a false sense of assurance in how and why things happened, so as to make day-to-day life seem to be more predictable.

Now, how does this apply to politics? Well, guess who's going to have very little control and power over the next two years? Yep, republicans. And guess who's going to start coming up with some amazingly ridiculous crackpot theories over the next two years? Correct again.


just thinkin' said...

explains religion too.

jk said...

Who says they don't have any control? They do have the filibuster, after all.

A.B. said...

True, but they'll have very little, if any, influence on setting the agenda. Thus, the need to try and invalidate the agenda from the get-go.