But does she come to DL?

The New York Times had an article on advertising on social networking sites in the Business Section yesterday. The article itself was moderately interesting, but the really interesting part was the buried lede. I'm happily married, but I thought I'd post this for all the single DLer's:

Facebook’s ability to aim at particular demographic groups is impressive, Mr. McConnell told the club. As an experiment, he and a colleague set up an ad that would target all Facebook members who were 22- to 27-year old women, who worked for P.& G., were left-leaning and living in Cincinnati, and who liked sex and Cocoa Puffs. Facebook provided one person who perfectly fit the profile.
She's out there. She has a good job. She leans left, so she might be at DL tomorrow night. She likes sex.

And the next morning she might be happy with what's left in that old box of Cocoa Puffs on top of your fridge.

No mention of her polarity, but I'll leave determining that as an exercise for the reader.

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