Things I've heard enough of

Off a conversation had at Wednesday's celebration, here are my thoughts of phrases/terms/themes that I never want to hear again. Feel free to add your own:
  1. Joe the Plumber - of all the insulting things the McCain campaign threw on us, the idea that we ought to take this guy's policy views seriously, that somehow he represented the common man in America...this might have been the worst.
  2. Country First - hell of a theory for a 72 year old man with multiple recurrences of melanoma to decide that someone who hadn't had a substantive policy thought in her life was the right person to take over if he bought the farm.
  3. Going Rogue - I've watched every episode of 24, I've never heard them use this term once. It's b.s. If it was real, Jack Bauer would certainly have used it.
  4. Bradley Effect - the piece that Nate Silver did at about the myth of the effect never got any sort of traction in the press. I suspect there's a reason for that, and that's that if it were truly examined, there'd be no story, and they needed the story.
  5. Signed, Sealed, Delivered - enough already. Please stop.
  6. The Obama Shuffle - I was not aware of until last night, and they did it to the above song. I don't think this is a real dance, though I was told that people in small towns don't have much to do other than come up with new line dances, so I'll take her at her word.
  7. Steve Chabot's not a bad guy, he's just been in Washington too long - I can't argue with its success, the line just bothered me after a while. Got rid of him though.
  8. Hockey Mom - really, any of these made-up demographic groups (soccer mom, NASCAR dad, NAMBLA) can go as far as I'm concerned, but this was just a cynical attempt to create some sort of new group that made Sarah Palin more acceptable to the public.
  9. Troopergate - here's a thought; let's not stick the suffix "gate" on the back end of every scandal. It wasn't called Watergate because it was a scandal about water, it was because it occured in the Watergate Hotel. Be original and come up with a real name, like "governor abusing her power to try and fire someone that was probably a bad guy but didn't do anything illegal". (Side note - I anxiously await a major story surrounding San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, so I can discuss Gatesgate)
  10. Lipstick on a pitbull - on second thought, this one was awwwwesome. It can stay.
  11. ACORN - unless a squirrel is burying one of them, I really don't want to know about it anymore.
  12. William Ayers/Jeremiah Wright - both of them can just disappear, which I'm sure they will since the republicans have no use for them anymore.
  13. Real Virginia(America) - considering that the right got their clocks cleaned in both real and fake Virginia(America) - or as Jon Stewart referred to it as, Ground Zero - we can hopefully lay that one to rest.

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