Sherrod Brown

Is Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown too scared to take a stand?

I emailed Senator Brown asking him to publicly state his stand on the Joe Lieberman issue. His response:
Thank you for sending me your comments. They have been recorded and will be reviewed by my staff. We endeavor to send everyone an individual response, but this is not possible in every case. If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to contact any of my offices via phone.
A very generic non-response, right?

Now check out this response from Senator Brown to a DailyKos user:
Thank you for contacting me regarding Senator Joe Lieberman’s role as chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs.

While Senate Ethics rules prevent me from commenting on the content of your letter, Senate committee assignments, including chairmanships, are typically determined at the beginning of each Congress. I do not expect any changes to committee assignments until the beginning of the next Congress in January of 2009.
This, as we all know and as Kossac Kagro X points out, is a lie. Unless you have been hiding in a cave or an undisclosed location near the Naval Observatory, you know that the Dem Senate pussies rewarded Lieberman's treachery with a plum committee chairmanship just two days ago. The full Senate vote in January is simply a formality.

So, which is it? Is Sherrod Brown a pussy or a liar?

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