NRCC gets reeeeeally desperate

At the wedding celebration of one of our loyal group members, I was told by another DL'er about a new attack ad against 2nd congressional district candidate Vic Wulsin. Check out the ad, and pay particular attention to the citations around the 0:13 mark:

Yep, that's right...they cited this very website to push their agenda. Here's the interview that they're referencing.

There's many thoughts that I have on this, but I'll distill them down to a few:

First, we at DL Cincinnati are so glad that the NRCC is paying attention to what our site is saying. Please give our best to Chairman Tom Cole, who I'm sure is a very nice guy.

Second, this ad has gotten a total of 271 YouTube views so far (five of those by me, making sure I got all the facts straight). In a good week we usually clear that many views. Way to knock it out of the park there NRCC!

Third, the ad states that Vic Wulsin "wants to increase your taxes for universal health care". I looked all through the interview that grif did with her, and I could find one mention of taxes - and that was related to an organization that uses tax money to help developing countries stop the spread of AIDS. So, we're wondering just what exactly in that interview could be used to justify this statement.

Fourth, you guys had to dig up an interview from 2 1/2 years ago, that came prior to a five-way party primary, done by a relatively obscure liberal club, to try and make a case that isn't there? That smacks of desperation.

We're always open to getting our name out there; any publicity is good publicity. If you're going to use our content, however, we'd appreciate it if you would use it accurately. To do otherwise is a disservice to what we do here, and makes you look silly in the process - though in this election that's not too difficult for your side to do.

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