Top Ten

From David Letterman, Top Ten Surprising Facts About Sarah Palin presented by residents of Wasilla, Alaska:

10. Sometimes Sarah calls John McCain "grandpa"
-Interior Designer, May-Lynn Pauling

9. She stole that sexy librarian look from me
-Grasshopper Aviation Pilot, Dave Glenn

8. Recently passed legislation to build a bridge to Funkytown
-General Manager of a Mexican Restaurant, Jerry Ochoa

7. Does great impression of Tina Fey
-Banker and Race Car Driver, Erika Bills

6. Favorite meal: moose nuggets and beaver jerky
-Private Music Teacher, Ana Hartman

5. Working on "Knight Rider" spin-off about a talking snowmobile
-Virtual Golf-Shooting Range Owner, Calvin Culverwell

4. Favorite book? "Late Show Fun Facts" -- available at fine stores everywhere
-Flight Paramedic, Steven Heyano

3. Once spent a week in the hospital after attempting to put lipstick on a pit bull
-Dental Hygenist, Kathy McCone

2. To improve her foreign policy experience, she recently went to the International House of Pancakes
-Deputy Mayor and Chiropractor, Kris Larson

1. Only person I know who's not afraid to go hunting with Dick Cheney
-From the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce, Lyn Carden

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