Boehner doesn't like FCC 'net neutrality' decision

On the eve of the FCC's scheduled vote to sanction Comcast over its throttling of BitTorrent traffic, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has sent a letter to commission chairman Kevin Martin blasting the agency's decision. "I am dismayed by recent press reports that you intend to interfere with the network management decisions of broadband providers, essentially regulating the Internet," the congressman wrote.

Thankfully, the commission ignored Boehner's plea.

There's no justification for Comcast's inappropriate resetting of P2P connections - it is not a rational network management technique, because in discriminates on traffic based on its presumed content.

This is a moral issue that's exacly the same as giving company immunity for illegal wiretaps. Hopefully Comcast will realize it's in a losing battle, and follow the FCC ruling.

And commissioner McDowell clearly misunderstands (pdf) the parallels in the Madison River decision.

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