Link before you drink: Bush's War

Liberals have always known why George W. Bush wanted the Iraq war so badly: to avenge Saddam's attempt on the life of his father, George H. W. Bush. The neocons around junior may have wanted the war for other reasons, but they found in Bush a simple, naive and unintelligent man who could be easily manipulated and persuaded to embark on what has to be this country's biggest foreign policy disaster.

Now we hear the same thing from John Hostettler, a conservative republican from Indiana (who incidentally lost a re-election bid in '06).
Hostettler said he believes President George W. Bush wanted to avenge a 1993 assassination attempt against his father by the Iraqi Intelligence Service.

"Revenge is a powerful motivator," Hostettler wrote. "On inauguration day in 2001, motive married opportunity."
And America and the world are still paying the price for this "marriage."

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