John Howard: Bush's soulmate in fear-mongering

Remember douchebag former Australian PM, John Howard, who sounded like he could out-Bush Bush? Just like the Chimp-in-Chief, he beat the terrorism drum as hard as he could during his re-election campaign, but he lost anyway. From the BBC:
An Indian doctor should never have been charged with supporting a terrorist group involved in bomb plots in the UK last year, police in Australia say.
Police giving evidence to the inquiry said that they told federal investigators three times that they did not believe the allegations against Dr Haneef could be proved.

But they said that their pleas were ignored, leading to accusations that the decision to go ahead with charges was partly political, because at the time Prime Minister John Howard was gearing up for an election campaign.

"We know that the prime minister's department was involved in the matter from less than 48 hours after Dr Haneef was detained and you know, join the dots," Dr Haneef's lawyer Rod Hodgson said.
(emphasis added)

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