Creationist brand

I need to re-read the constitution. Apparently, when I wasn't looking, they replaced freedom of religion with freedom to brand crosses into students.
John Freshwater, who is battling to save his job at Mount Vernon Middle School, is seen either a courageous fighter for religious freedom or a public employee who brazenly violated the church-state divide.
Freshwater, 52, was fired last month after an outside consulting firm released a report concluding that he taught creationism and was insubordinate in failing to remove a Bible and other religious materials from his classroom.

He also faces a federal lawsuit filed by the family of a student who says Freshwater burned a cross on the child's arm with an electrostatic device and that the burn mark remained for three or four weeks.
"The Bible, that should be OK to have," said James Mills, 25, a former student of Freshwater. "Isn't it in the Constitution that we have freedom of religion?" (emphasis added)
As an aside, this Mr. Mills will be voting in November to elect the next president!

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