6/24/08 - David Sirota book signing and reception

On Tuesday, June 24th, author David Sirota will be appearing at Joseph-Beth in Rookwood Pavillion for a Q&A and signing of his latest book, The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington. The event is being organized by several organizations and people, including members of the Newport chapter of Drinking Liberally.

Sirota is an accomplished columnist, whose syndicated columns appear in multiple major publications, as well as in The Huffington Post. He has also been a strategist for the campaigns of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, and former Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont. In his latest book, he shows how grassroots local movements are gradually gaining power in America to challenge the establishment entities.

For this event, we'll be attending the signing, which will run from 7-9. We'll then go over to The Pub at Rookwood Mews, our usual 2nd district location - hopefully we'll convince David to join us for a drink or two.

Be on the lookout for more information on this event, we'll pass along updates as the day gets closer.

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