Drinking Liberally District 1 - 4/15/08 - Fries Cafe

Hi all,

It's been a crazy week in politics. First Obama makes a comment that spreads over half the country in a millisecond. And then who knew that Hillary was such a marskman (err, markswoman?) shooter? And then McCain...well he said some stupid crap about the mortgage crisis, but since he's never wrong then his statements didn't count.

Anyways, we've got plenty to talk about this week obviously, so come on out for your weekly dose of political discussion. This week is District One, so we'll be at Fries Cafe, on 3247 Jefferson in Clifton/Ludlow. We'll start at 7:30, and end when the last of us leaves. Look for the DL table tents to find us.

Since Fries does not serve food, they're allowing us to bring in our own. Keeping with our newly started tradition, we'll patronize a local restaurant. For this week, we'll be hitting up Bombay Oven, which is right down the street from Fries. I'll have a menu at the table; if you're interested in partaking, try to get there early - we'll order about 7:45.

Hope to see you all there tomorrow night for good beer and Indian food!

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