DL District One to move to Fries Cafe

As you know, the District One chapter of Drinking Liberally Cincinnati hasn't had a permanent home in quite a while. Well, starting this Tuesday, April 1st, we're going to move into our new digs. To have a central location, we've chosen Fries Cafe in Clifton as our bar of choice. Fries is located at 3247 Jefferson Ave., just down from Ludlow. Fries typically has a wide selection of draft beers (they're especially fond of the Bell's brand), and has a very laid-back atmosphere to enjoy a drink or two in.

Now here's the interesting catch. Fries does not serve food (obviously that's why it's called a cafe), but they will allow you to bring food in from outside - so long as we clean up after ourselves. We're going to use this opportunity to patronize local restaurants as well. Each week we'll pick a neighborhood restaurant that one of the group will take orders for and bring in the food, or you can feel free to bring in your own if you'd like.

For the first meeting, we'll be bringing in pizza from one of Cincinnati's oldest and best pizzerias, Adriatico's Pizza (they're so old they don't even have a website). If you're interested in ordering with the group, be at Fries around 7:30 - we'll put in an order around 7:45-8:00 depending on group size (sorry, I can't do e-mail orders, we need you to be there so we can collect cash and such).

Hope to see you all Tuesday for the grand opening of the new location!

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