Drinking Liberally District 2, 2/12/08

Cold and snowy outside? Why not come join us inside the warm confines of The Pub at Rookwood Mews at 2692 Madison Road? The indoor patio has large gas heaters on the ceiling to keep us warm and toasty and we'll make sure they're turned up full-blast. We start at 7:30. Interested parties can stick around for an informal Jericho viewing party at 10.

This week we saw that
  • the US Army is really considerate of the feelings of everyone involved in planning Iraqi Freedom. They didn't want anyone reading a report that faulted, well, everyone. Despite the fact that suppressing it violated the law.
  • the Democratic candidates are the only ones who have actually published a policy on space exploration (Barack here, Hillary here), but it mostly amounts to reversing the damage the Bush administration has done to climate change research.
  • as his 199th birthday approaches tomorrow, you can actually hear Lincoln spinning in his grave as he follows the Republican presidential candidates
  • no candidate has announced their position on the return of Jericho to CBS. Nuts!

Drinking Liberally, District 2 is meeting once again at The Pub at Rookwood Mews at 2692 Madison Road. (Yes, that is its real name.) It's inside Rookwood, next to Bucca di Beppo and kind of kitty-corner from J Alexander. Look for the red British Telecom phone booth (like on the old Dr. Who). The 24, 11, 69 and 51 buses all stop nearby. Driving directions are available on their website; I pasted the most commonly used set at the end of this message.

Come join us for drinks, food, political talk and gossip at The Pub on Tuesday night!

From I-71 South

Take I-71 South (Cincinnati) to the Smith/Edwards Road exit (Exit #6). At the first light, go right on Williams Ave. Get in the left lane and turn left at the light; this is Smith Road . (There is a Shell gas station). Once you turn get in the right lane. (You will go back over 71). At the second light go right into Rookwood Commons. We are located just inside on your left.

From I-71 North

Take I-71 North (Columbus), to the Smith/Edwards Road exit. (Exit #6). At the stop sign make a right. Stay in the right lane at the first light (this has a continuous right turn arrow), and turn right into Rookwood Commons. We are located just inside on your left.

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