Fill in the blank: Desperate times call for _________

If you answered "gay porn star," you are a frickin' genius!

WorldNetDaily, one of the most despicable, hateful and homophobic right wing smear sites, has been publishing articles by gay porn star Matt Sanchez. Now if it were just one article, you might be tempted to call it an aberration, an oversight. But WingNutDaily has published some dozen articles authored by Sanchez: For example, this one, and this one, and this one. And more.

Yep, Matt Sanchez (a.k.a "Rod Majors") has gone from acting in such movies as Man to Men and Touched by an Anal to writing on WingNutDaily. But, hey, he supports the war, so it must be okay. Or is it? Have the pro-war folks gotten so desperate for cheerleaders that they will seek the support of the star of Mansex Meltdown and Montreal Men? I guess they couldn't find any straight porn stars to "support the troops."

Now, don't get me wrong. This guy has every right to write whatever he wants, and for whomever he chooses. But for him to carry water for the very people who seek deny him and his fellow gay men even the most basic human rights, that's what I find hard to fathom.

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