Even Tuesday DLD2: DL Tonight at Mulligan's!

From the DL email:
Well, Tuesday is rolling around again. And we know what you're thinking: "Gee, I'd like to go to Drinking Liberally this week, but I don't want to travel all the way to Northside. I wish Drinking Liberally met nearer to me."

We heard you loud and clear. Even Tuesdays are District 2 Tuesdays at Drinking Liberally! This week at 7:30 PM we're having the first DLD2, Drinking Liberally: District 2, at Mulligan's Hyde Park Pub at 2680 Madison Rd, right across the street from Busken's. The Number 11 Bus stops right in front and the 24, 69 and 51 are just a short walk away. For you drivers, there's lots of parking in back.

And, as Stan and Kyle say, we learned something this week:So, come to Mulligan's Hyde Park Pub between 7:30 and 9:30. Look for the DL table tents and the folks wearing DL T-Shirts.

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