That clever Adverisement

For once I came to DL with a discussion topic in mind, I wanted to get an idea of what everyone thought of the Petraeus/Betray us Ad, but there were only three of us there, and I only got one other person's opinion. So I'm extending the offer to the online bunch hoping to get some different perspectives on the issue.
Wesley Clark, GEN (Ret) said that it wasn't so bad that they said that, it was more of an issue of when it was said, he thought it was in bad taste that they didn't even wait to hear what the guy was going to say, they instead passed judgement before giving the guy a fair chance. It was brought to my attention that since we knew Gen. Petraeus was going to be giving us the White House line it didn't really matter, as we knew what he was going to say anyway. I was also made aware of the fact that the other side does stuff like this all the time in the name of freedom, American values, and such, so why shouldn't we?
With this running through my mind I came back to the same predicament I always come to, beat them at their own game, or be above that and lose.
When it comes to opinions everyone has one, so I'm opening this up to the public, let me know what you think about the MoveOn ad.

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