Dumbass of the Week

Ray Cooklis of the Crapquirer. In a completely unintelligent article devoid of any merit, Cooklis blames Democrats for not seriously considering a "proposal" being shopped around by another dumbass, Ohio Republican Sen. George Voinovich.

Cooklis seems to believe that George Voinovich's "proposal" for a compromise on Iraq is actually going to make a difference. And this is the guy who is "Assistant Editorial Editor" at the Crapquirer. No wonder it's a rag not worth the paper it's printed on. In Cooklis's own words,
Voinovich's resolution, which he's "shopping around" for support before it's introduced, calls for a troop reduction in Iraq but doesn't set deadlines for withdrawal, and states the U.S. must remain there for the foreseeable future.
Get that? No deadlines for withdrawal. In other words, stay in Iraq for evuh! When this administration is incapable of meeting its own objectives and benchmarks for progress in Iraq, what good is any legislation from Congress with no hard deadlines. Will the dumbass please stand up and answer the question?

Wait, wait, that's not all!
It calls on the United Nations and allies to take larger roles in diplomatic and economic issues, and calls on the U.S. to limit its efforts to protecting its own interests, supporting Iraqi security forces and conducting targeted counterterrorism operations.
Yeah, as soon as the US Senate passes a resolution calling on the UN to do more, the UN is going to come running to bail us out of Iraq. Hey, Cooklis, do you ever read the newspaper?

To top it all off, Cooklis calls Voinovich's resolution "eminently reasonable." Sure, if you are stupid and work for the Crapquirer.

And if you are DL Cincinnati's Dumbass of the Week.

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