When Stupid People Write Editorials ...

... they show up in the Crapquirer. In this completely pointless ejaculation, the Crapquirer editorial team calls the all-night debate on Iraq "a mockery of debate" and is not sure if the Iraqis are meeting benchmarks.
As for determining whether the Iraqi government has met the benchmarks, that too is difficult to measure given the Iraqi parliament's determination to go into recess for the month of August.
So let me get this straight. You are not sure if the benchmarks are being met because the Iraqi parliament is on vacation? Are you assholes even reading the news?

Of course, like good Republicans shills, the Crapquirer's editors want us to wait till September.
The Bush administration, in launching the so-called "surge" of additional U.S. forces last spring to secure and pacify Baghdad, has said all along that the success of that effort and the efforts of the Iraqi government to meet certain self-sufficiency benchmarks will not be known until September.
Have you assholes been following the war the last four years? Have you seen the Bushies keep a single promise? Meet a single deadline? And you believe this bunch of incompetent hacks will suddenly start delivering on their promises? Isn't it always "things will get better in the next six months"? Are you assholes really that naive?

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