Level Playing Field, or Playing on Their Level

The New York Times ran a story in the arts section yesterday on Drew Westen's new book, The Political Brain. In the book, Prof Westen counsels Democrats and Liberals to appeal to emotion, not reason, in crafting messages.

The examples given in the article, on gun control and responding to the Swift Boat attacks, give me just slight discomfort at the "gut-level".

I don't know how I feel about it yet. There has to be a way to speak
out forcefully without coming down to their level. Personally, I think
the best way to do it is with humor rather than with tit-for-tat nastiness.

Our folks have to be really good at the funny response barb, either
off-the-cuff or scripted. Though there are times humor's not appropriate.

And the humorous retort is not controlling the conversation the way this
guy wants us to. It's a defensive maneuver.

Ah, well, enough musing. Back to work.

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