If she weighs the same as a duck...

President Bush is again employing Monty Python logic to his insistence that Iraq and Al-Qaeda are related. Al-Qaeda is in Iraq (now, thanks to our invasion). Al-Qaeda is the enemy of all enemies (Bush fulfilling prophecy). So, therefore, Iraq is the battleground for the survival of the modern world. I was already sick today, working from home, when I had to watch that garbage.

To Mr. Bush: The reason that Zarqawi and his successors have pledged their allegiance to Al-Qaeda and OBL is that you keep giving them the attention they want. Quit legitimizing and start marginalizing. How (almost) 50% of voters thought you were qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief of the largest military in the history of the world, remains the greatest mystery. How it happened a second time is unfathomable.

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