Flippin' the flop

Mitt Romney is for hispanic immigration:
Earlier Sunday, Romney was in Washington courting Hispanic voters by extolling the virtues of faith, family values and immigration.

"If you say, name people who are hardworking, seek education, love God, love their families and value freedom — it's Hispanic-Americans, just like other Americans," Romney told a crowd at the Republican National Hispanic Assembly's annual convention.

"I want to make sure we continue an open door in immigration that welcomes people who come here with those kinds of values," he said.
except when he is not for hispanic immigration:
During an Iowa visit last week, Romney struck a hard line on illegal immigration. He criticized Giuliani for making New York "a sanctuary city for illegal aliens" by failing to enforce the immigration laws on the books. Romney also noted that as governor, he had deputized state police to enforce immigration laws and denied driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
Dude, where do you think most of the undocumented immigrants are from?

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