Delusional Weasel Jean

In response to Americans Against Escalation in Iraq's campaign to convince Mean Jean to change her pro-war stance, Jeanie says:
“No one wants to be at war. War is an action of last resort. I was not in Congress when our country voted to go to war. Like most, I am not happy with our pace of progress. However, having now traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan twice and met with dozens of foreign diplomats the only current choice we have is to finish the mission. That is not the easiest choice but it is the only one that will lead to a safer region and world. I do not defend the mistakes that have been made in the past.
Wow, where to begin! Notice how Jean is trying to weasel out of her support for George Bush. She "was not in Congress" when we went to war. She is "not happy" with the progress and she does not "defend the mistakes made in the past." So, now that you are in Congress, how about holding those who are currently running this war accountable, Jean? How about voting to bring the troops home? How about demanding a timeline?
I wish there was a simple solution. There is not. I strongly share everyone’s desire to see our troops come home soon. I pray each day for their safety. The day that Iraq can defend herself is coming. I will focus all of my efforts to speed that day forward.”
Jean thinks the war is going to lead to a safer Middle East. Jean thinks Iraq is going to be able to defend itself soon. Jean is delusional. And, Jean's never heard of the subjunctive mood.

(Via WCPO)

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