You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own reality

Apparently the reality based world of user-monitored websites just doesn't suit the conservative movement. Enterprising young web entrepeneurs have created two new websites, QubeTV and, to counter the "liberal bias" of evil sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia.

At these sites, conservatives are free to post videos and information that support the conservative cause. Of course, as writers have already pointed out, they'll probably end up cross-posting video at YouTube anyways because that's where the eyeballs are.

This is yet another attempt by the wingnuts of the right to paint anyone that does not acknowledge their "version" of "truth" as being liberally biased. See, user-monitored sites are just that; if enough users flag a piece of video as being offensive, then YouTube administrators will look into taking it down. If users see factual inaccuracies in a Wikipedia definition, they can go in and make corrections (and I have my issues with Wikipedia, but in the end it is most definitely "The People's Encyclopedia", though it does not pack nearly the wallop of The People's Champion, The Rock). And these guys just can't stand when people challenge their lies, so they've just decided to create their own site where they can say and post whatever they want without the need to worry about their views being refuted.

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