Rudy's got a Saudi problem

Can you imagine the outrage from the right if a Democratic candidate who also ran a lobbying firm had Saudi Arabia as a client? Yes, that Saudi Arabia, from which most of the 9/11 attackers hailed. The candidate would be toast (and other assorted breakfast items) before you can say nine-eleven.

But it's okay if you are a Republican, especially if you say "9/11!" enough times. Have you heard a single right-wing hack on radio, on TV or in print say a word about Rudy's Saudi connections?
Giuliani's law and lobbying clients have included Saudi Arabia, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., and chewing tobacco maker UST Inc.
It also is working for Saudi Arabia.
One month after the 2001 terrorist attacks, then-Mayor Giuliani famously rejected a $10 million check from a Saudi prince to help terrorism victims. Giuliani spokeswoman Comella declined to comment on the firm's Saudi connection.
Sure, Rudy will make a great President. He knows how to say "9/11!"

On a side note, I think the article's headline "AP: Giuliani firm lobbied for clients" is stupid. If a lobbying firm doesn't lobby for its clients, then wtf is it supposed to be doing?

Update @ 12:40 PM: They have now changed the title to "Giuliani's clients could pose conflict."

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