A reading list for Giuliani

Ron Paul is a Republican, but he is more of a libertarian. He believes in privacy and the free market. But, this is not what is getting him more attention than almost any other candidate for President. What stands him apart is that he is part of what the right calls the "blame America first" crowd.

Check out this video (from C&L) of Bill Maher's show. Paul has presented Rudy Giuliani with a reading list, after realizing that the former mayor and 9/11 "hero" was miserably uninformed about the serious consequences of foreign policy. Giuliani drew whoops and cheers from the usual suspects in the crowd, after blasting Paul for daring to state the reasons that we were attacked in 2001. Giuliani and his uber-nationalists want all of us to believe that because America is good, then every action we take results in good outcomes. They ignore the reality of blowback, a term the CIA uses to indicate unintended outcomes of covert actions.

Blowback, according to Chalmers Johnson, explains why we were attacked. And, Ron Paul understands this. He knows that the meaningless platitudes, such as "they hate us for our freedom", and the use of words like evil to describe whole nations, obscure the underlying issue.

Republicans are trying to get Ron Paul off the stage. How very telling. He speaks the truth, so they want to shut him up.

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