Planned Parenthood inadvertenly outs two presidential candidates as pro-choice

Well it looks like our old buddy Rudy has decided that he can't play both sides of the game anymore, and is now firmly pro-choice. Of course the only reason he's doing that is because word got out that he's made multiple donations to Planned Parenthood in the past, and he knows he's lost the ability to act like he might be pro-life.

I'm sure Giuliani will now make a big deal of how he should be praised for taking a position at odds with the republican party, and that he's really an independent minded candidate. Riiiiiight. Kind of like the way a kid confesses that he stole a cookie from the jar when he realizes he's not going to get away with it, and then says "at least I didn't lie to you about it".

And now word comes out that Romney's wife donated to PP as well. According to John Aravois at Americablog, first Romney said that she was donating for herself and not him, then it became "well that was when I was pro-choice". At what point do we stop taking this guy seriously? This is one of the top tier candidates for the republicans? Can he possibly take every position on every issue?

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