The trail of Buckeye tears

Allow me to channel my inner Jim Rome for two minutes...

Way to go OSU fan! You guys really brought the house down last night. Nice effort there, you were only outclassed in every phase of the gam...wait, hold on a second, you just missed another open jumper.

Face it bucknuts, you couldn't even buy a championship right. Every one of you knows deep down that in five years that Final Four banner isn't going to be hanging in whatever you call that arena now, because the NCAA is going to find the FedEx employee that'll spill the beans on those "care packages" you sent to Greg Oden to get him and his boys to come play for you.

Of course by then it won't matter since Matta will have done you like he did Xavier and string you along and deny that he's a candidate for another coaching job, and you won't know that he interviewed with another school until you see the press conference where they introduce him as their new head coach.

See ya Greg Oden, see ya Mike Conley Jr., see ya Ron Lewis, see ya Ivan Harris. How're you feeling about that Daequan Cook/Matt Terwilliger inside/outside duo? Not exactly Magic/Kareem (hell, it ain't even Greg Simpson/Charles Macon).

Let me familiarize you with a number: 6. That's the place you're finishing in the Big Ten next year (Indiana, Michigan State, Michigan now that they have a real coach, Purdue, Illinois - Victor, shall we include Wisconsin as well?). Here's another word to get to know: bubble.

War Gators, OUT!

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