Sinking ship

A couple of thoughts on the Alberto Gonzales' testimony:

-I almost started to feel sorry for him. He was getting grilled from all sides. At this point, it seemed like the best defense he could muster was the "I'm incompetent, not a political hack" defense. It was excruciating to listen to. This is actually the worst outcome for us at this point. Nepotism is the problem, not just incompetence. OK, so they are both problems.

-Orrin Hatch had a nice half-ass defense of Gonzales, basically saying this was much ado about nothing. Sure, he said he's sorry, now let's move on. Wrong.

-I actually enjoyed Senator Graham's questioning the best, if only because he was just a disappointed Republican.

-For those of you who listened or watched, what the hell was Senator Kyl talking about?!??!? Offshore internet gambling? Was that why Gonzales was there?

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