The sexually repressed right takes it on the chin - twice!

Well it looks like the right won't get their way with the Plan B emergency contraceptive, as that's going to be sold over the counter. But conservative groups aren't going quietly, as The American Prospect reports that two of the more prominent groups are planning on suing the FDA because they believe that this decision was "politically motivated".
REALLY? Apparently these people have slept through the past six years, where every decision by this government has been motivated by political pressures coming straight down from the White House. But when a decision is made based on solid medical fact, well then it must be politically motivated? Please.
But this pales in comparison to the abstinence-only education, which has been the subject of much discussion lately. Well it turns out that a study mandated by Congress followed abstinence-only programs in four school systems that instructed over 2,000 kids. What did the study say? That the programs had ZERO EFFECT on when kids had their first sexual experience. So can we just drop these programs and focus on something that actually works?

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