The old ballcoach gets it right

Lost in all of the insane doings of the political world was this surprising gem from Steve Spurrier, the head football at the University of South Carolina, saying that the Confederate flag should not be displayed at the Capitol building of South Carolina. Spurrier called the flag "...embarrassing to our state".

It's nice to see someone in a prominent position take a stand on this subject, one that has been too easily brushed back under the carpet by other stories in recent times. Granted Spurrier has far more security in his position than many others that could speak out (don't kid yourself, Spurrier is the most popular person in the state of S.C.), but at some point this needs to be addressed again, and S.C. needs to be shamed (sadly, again) in front of the entire country.

This is why I wish the Democrats had chosen a different arena for their initial debate. Yes, that debate was held on the campus of South Carolina State University, a predominantly African-American school, but having it in S.C. gave too much credibility to the state. The NCAA has already taken the step of barring South Carolina from hosting any sort of collegiate tournament games. Here's hoping that others begin to follow suit.

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