The cat shredded my e-mails!

(Note: I only used that title because everyone's already used "My Dog Ate My E-Mails!")

This is beyond ridiculous. The White House's latest canard is that they may have "accidentally" deleted a slew of e-mails from the RNC's server, making them go poof! forever.

Two thoughts immediately pop to my mind. First, what exactly is the White House staff doing in the RNC server? I thought the RNC was a strictly political operation? And isn't the White House claiming executive privilege on most of the materials in question? So what exactly was that server being used for? Uh-oh.....

(sung to the tune of the Bengals' fight song: Hear them subpoenas coming, mean and an-ga-ree...)

Second, you're telling me that this government that spies on lord knows how many people unknowingly every day, can tell whether you might be a terrorist based on your shoe size, and can launch a missile thousands of miles with three-inch precision doesn't have a single person within its employ that can recover deleted e-mails?

I remember the good old days when the Bush administration used to try to make up a good story. Now they're just plain lazy. And it's tragic to watch.

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