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Lost in the cancellation of the Nevada Democratic debate on FPC (Fox Propaganda Channel), and the subsequent announcement of FPC partnering up with the Congressional Black Caucus for a debate, is this gem of a poll that Fox commissioned last week. Not only are the questions insanely leading, but they're basically, as the writer of the post described it, "testing its own anti-Democratic Party and anti-MoveOn.org messaging".
If there was any question as to whether FPC was actually fair and balanced, I think this poll is the final proof that they've given up that fight; they're nothing more than a mouthpiece for the right, and they want to see how best to package that message. I feel good knowing that we've won the first battle; now the next one needs to be waged around whether FPC is a legitimate news outlet (which we know it isn't, but that message needs to get out there).

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