The mustache that sailed 1000 ships

Former U.S. envoy to the UN/Bob Knight impersonator John Bolton came out of wherever he'd been hiding to make appearances at the Hudson Institute and The Daily Show (where he got about as chilly of a reception as I've ever seen on there). Predictably, he wants to see military force used in Iran. But look farther down; he also wants to see regime change in Sudan as well.

Now anyone that's been following world events knows the horrors of Darfur and wants things changed yesterday. But a subtle question seems to escape Mr. Bolton: WITH WHAT ARMY??? We can barely handle the theatres we're currently in, and now he wants to open up not one, but two, more?

Some of these righties are so insane it kills me. He doesn't grasp the idea of finite resources. Just as you can't purchase a $3 million house when you only have $45.30 in your savings account (well in the republican world of sub-prime lending you can, but that's another story), you can't wage wars with troops you don't have.

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